The Blackout – Farewell gig Merthyr Leisure Centre 27.03.2015

All good things come to an end sang Nelly Furtado. And this it appears is becoming more and more apt on the Welsh music scene.  Many stalwarts of the past ten years or so have appeared to end their careers some on a high like Kids In Glass Houses and some not so high – but we won’t mention that band.

Luckily The Blackout are going out on a high.  Led by frontmen Sean Smith and Gavin Butler, The Blackout put on a real fitting finale to a career that has seen them being staples on the alternative music scene for just over a decade.  Playing your final show in your hometown has got to be the best way for a band to bow out, and Merthyr’s leisure centre provided that final venue.

Playing a set that encompassed a varied and special mix of fan favourites the boys were showered with great displays of emotion from their adoring fanbase.  Inevitably the band bowed out to the final strains of their biggest UK hit Save Our Selves (The Warning)

Here’s to hoping that the Welsh music scene regenerates and provides another decade of great music.

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