Reef – Bristol o2 Academy 06.03.2015

Some bands are defined by one song early in their career and get stuck in a rut of continually living off the glory of that big hit.  Reef are one of the mid 1990’s scene who managed to escape such criticism.  Despite having the ignominy of having Chris Evan’s TFI Friday bastardising their biggest hit Place Your Hands and creating the parody of It’s Your Letters – Reef have managed to build a long career that has seen them go on to have four hit albums and countless hit singles.

Tonight they played to what is as near as dammit their home crowd in Bristol’s sold out o2 Academy.  With a new album under way the Reef boys played a near two hour set that encompassed all their albums.  Place Your Hands was played early in the set.  This is a brave move as many bands play their biggest hits last to maintain the attention of those gig goers who are there only for that one song.  However in this case it simply drove the gig to higher heights.  The devotion shown by the crowd couldn’t help but impress.

Reef have recently lost their long time guitartist Kenwyn House who has gone on to another project – Goldray.  He has been replaced by guitarist and model Jesse Wood.  A popular choice with the female members of the audience surrounding me judging by their comments.

Finishing with two great closers in Yer Old and the rather aptly titled End – Gary Stringer and his Reef cohorts left the crowd begging for more.

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