Chelsea Grin – CF10 Cardiff 17.02.15

Salt Lake City’s deathcore specialists, Chelsea Grin, played to a packed out Cardiff CF10 on Tuesday night.  Ably supported by local band Ephemera and Birmingham’s Oceans Eat Alaska.

It’s easy to discount deathcore as nothing but loud noise and no subtly.  However this is where Chelsea Grin are different to many of their peers.  Yeah, sure they’re noisy – but the difference here is that this isn’t just noise for noises sake.  There is a lot going on in the sound of their songs.  Some songs sound almost orchestral in places.  It’s such a shame that we have a popular music scene that is dominated by the safety in numbers of X Factor winners.  It means entire genres of music are dismissed.  Tonight Chelsea Grin displayed a craft and ability that should be seen in bigger venues than the smallest room of Cardiff University’s three performance rooms.


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